Apple Theme Wedding

Crisp Colors, Sweet Favors and Delicious Decorating Ideas

Fall always brings to mind gorgeous autumn colors and the bite of a crisp apple just picked from the tree. So why not celebrate your autumn marriage with an apple theme wedding? It's the perfect choice to highlight and incorporate the beauty of the season with your marriage ceremony and reception decor.

A wonderful way to seal your vows to one another is to hold your ceremony in an apple orchard with the vibrant colored leaves and the juicy fruit of apples hanging above as your ceremony decor.

Then all your guests can move on to your reception, which you could set up in a barn that's been decorated for the occasion in fall colors and apple trimmings or perhaps hold it at a Victorian style Inn or chalet nestled within the colorful trees.

Whatever your preferences in regards to a location, have a look at these lovely ideas for colorful centerpieces, tasty favors, beautiful decorations and sweet invitations that will certainly compliment your apple theme wedding.

Fall Wedding Invitations For An Apple Theme Celebration

It would be wonderful if you can use apple themed invitations or select invites that contain fall colors and perhaps use an apple sticker to hold the invitation closed. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

Green Apple Delight
Green Apple Delight
Autumn Urn
Autumn Urn
Mums and Apples
Mums and Apples

Apple Theme Wedding Decorations

No matter where you hold your ceremony and reception, you'll need to coordinate decorations to match with your apple theme. Here are some ideas on decor and centerpieces that bring the crispness of fall flavors and scents indoors.

  • Unique "Guest Book" Idea: Instead of a guest book, why not put up a "guest apple tree"? This is a great idea if you have ever thought of planting an apple tree in your yard, which you can do after the wedding. A nice reminder for years to come too!

    Purchase a tree from a local garden shop and set it near the reception entrance. Cut out large apple shapes from red, green and yellow cardstock. Punch a small hole in the "stem" and insert an ornament hanging hook through each "apple". Place these on a small table near the tree, along with some pens, tape and index cards.

    When you send out your invitations, insert an extra note asking your guests to bring an apple recipe on a small index card to the reception. When they arrive, they can write their names on an "apple", tape their recipe to the backside and hang it from your tree! The extra index cards on the table are for those who forgot to bring a recipe and still want to write one down. (Note: You may want to include a small sign with instructions on what to do, as some guests may not get it.)

    At the end of the evening, you'll have your apple tree to take home with lots of recipes to try out.

  • Apple Votive Centerpiece: Take 3 to 5 apples and arrange them on a flat plate or mirror. Make sure they sit straight. If they tend to fall over or look lopsided, slice a small bit off the bottom to give the apple a flat base.

    Cut a hole in the top of the apple the size of a votive candle. Scoop out inside the hole so the votive will nestle inside. (Tip: Rub lemon juice over the cut edges to keep them from browning). Insert votives in each and decorate the plate or mirror with colorful fall leaves, acorns, pinecones and/or greenery. Place in the center of each table. The apples should last for 2 to 3 days, so you can get your centerpieces done a couple of days before the wedding.

  • A Basket/Bucket of Apples: Take a small wooden apple basket or galvenized bucket and insert green florist foam to cover the bottom of the basket/bucket. If what you're using is quite deep, you may have to double the amount of foam used. Cover this foam with a layer of green or brown moss.

    Fill the remainder of the basket/bucket with apples. Add a few fall leaves hanging over the sides and scattered around the table. Nestle in 3 scooped apples (as described above), but secure them to the floral foam using a long floral pick inserted into the bottom of each of the fruits (this will keep them from being displaced). Insert taper candles into each one in the top.

    This makes a lovely centerpiece, plus guests can help themselves to one of these luscious fruits during the reception, if they wish.

  • Create an "Apple Orchard": Place some bales of hay and wooden baskets in clusters throughout the room to give the idea of an orchard. This would look even better if you could get yourself three or four apple trees from a garden center and place everything under the trees with a few fall leaves scattered around.

Apple Wedding Favors

Sweet, tart, crisp and juicy. All these can be used to describe a delicious apple treat. Present your guests with one of these fabulous favors.

  • Set an apple at each place setting and insert a simple wire placecard holder into the top of each. Add an apple shaped place card with the guest's name in the holder section at the top.
  • This idea is great for both a centerpiece and wedding favors. Place a wooden cutting board in the center of each table and put small, personalized sparkling cider bottles on the board - one for each guest. Finish decorating with a scattering of a few apples, fall leaves, pine cones, acorns and unshelled walnuts on and around the board.
  • Here's another great idea for having your favors do double-duty as a centerpiece. Make or buy caramel or candied apples. Wrap in cellophane and tie off with a pretty ribbon around the stem. You could arrange these in an oval bread basket; placed on a mirror or plate; or create a "bouquet" by inserting the stick end of the apple into floral foam that's been glued to the bottom of a basket or galvanized pail. Add a bit of moss to the top of the foam to hide it from view.
  • Give your guests individual and personalized jars of apple butter, packages of apple-spiced tea, or single-serving apple pies.

Foods To Serve

To stay with your apple theme wedding, here are a few food suggestions:

  • As a drink special, have sparkling apple cider. Better yet - rather than having a champagne fountain, have a cider fountain instead!
  • Serve up baked sweet desserts such as pies, tarts, spice cake or crumble at the end of the meal.
  • If you're serving ham or pork, include a side dish of applesauce.
  • When serving tea or coffee after dinner, offer up some hot apple cider.
  • Will it be a morning wedding? Apple pancakes with apple butter is a perfect choice.


When working out your wedding plans, you may wish to focus on only one type of apple, such as red delicious, Macintosh or green apples to focus on throughout your decor.

Another option is to include a variety - perhaps focusing each of your guest tables on one particular type. Match favors, centerpieces and table decor to that particular apple's color and just use an overall apple theme throughout the rest of the rooms decorations.

As you can see, there's a lot of possibilities that you can play with. Start with an autumn decorating scheme and just add in some apples!

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