Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

A Marriage In Camelot

Do you love the idea of having a fairy tale wedding theme? Then gather your family and friends around for an enchanting marriage celebration held in the mythical kingdom of Camelot.

Your guests will be in good company with the court of King Arthur and Guinivere, along with the gallant knights of the round table, in attendance.

Medieval Wedding Dresses and Attire

Bride's Attire

Medieval Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

Cotehardies were the dress of the day. If you wish, you could attach a train to the back of the dress at the waist (which could later be removed during the reception).

Here are a couple of websites where you can get a better look at what a cotehardie dress looks like:

If the weather will be cool, consider wearing a royal colored cape in crushed velvet, satin or some other rich material (with or without hood).

The bride usually wore her hair loose with a bejeweled crown on her head.


Dress your bridesmaids similarly in cotehardies without the train. Headpieces could be coronets (small crowns), ivy and wildflower head wreathes or tall, cone hats.

Their hair may be worn down or braided and pinned up. Have the bridesmaids carry a single flower or a basket of rose petals, which they can scatter as they walk down the aisle.

Groom's Attire

If you can get him into tights... great! If not, slim dark pants will do along with tall, leather boots. Add a knee-length royal-colored tunic, long cape and a bejeweled crown.

If you want to add a little fun and humor to your ceremony celebration, have him belt a sword around his waist and carry an arm shield with the "family crest". (He can hand off his shield to the best man during the ceremony.)


They should be dressed similarly to the groom, except that they would be wearing coronets or "musketeer" hats rather than a crown. Capes shouldn't be as rich (for example, velvet), but would normally be made from wool or brocade material. Knee-length leather boots and a fencing sword complete the outfits.

Wedding Invitations Fit For King Arthur's Court

It would be wise to use calligraphy fonts on your invitations, wedding programs and other stationary, preferably an Old English font or something with flourish.

You may wish to research your ancestry and create a heraldic shield which could be printed on DIY wedding invitation kits should you decide to make your own invitations. That would add a very nice and personalized touch!

Most initiations that were sent out for celebrations during that time period were hand-written on parchment paper and rolled into scrolls (which were then hand-delivered). You could do the same and either mail the invitations in plastic/cardboard tubing (specifically designed for mail-outs) or fold the paper into thirds, seal with a wax seal, and then place them in an envelope to mail as usual.

Is that all too much work and you would just prefer to order your stationary? Have a look at the designs of these lovely Medieval wedding invitations.

Medieval Wedding Decorations For Camelot

To get good ideas on what you may be able to do in the way of decorations, take the time to look at photos and watch movies that emulate that time period. Here are a few suggestions that you may want to consider:

  • If possible, use tall, free-standing, iron-look torches or candle holders. Place these along the aisle, at ends of tables, or along the walls. Just be sure they are not near anything flammable or can't be accidentally knocked over. You may also opt to use fake torches as well.
  • Hang flower or ivy garland in front of tables, across doorways and around poles.
  • If you can buy, rent or borrow some old looking tapestries, these would be a great addition to your decorations. In order to keep the cold out, castle walls always had tapestries hanging from them.
  • Create colorful pennants from cheap material or felt and hang from the ceiling or along the walls too.

Table Decor and Centerpieces

In times of old, people didn't sit around in small groupings of tables like we do at typical wedding receptions. Tables were long and narrow, and made from planks of wood. If possible, use tables such as these. If not, place three or four 4'x 8' tables end to end and cover them in a muslin material.

Here are a few things you can do to "dress up" your tables in keeping with this Camelot fairy tale wedding theme.


  • Run a long, tapestry style runner down the center of the tables in your wedding colors.
  • Use a very large, round table for the head table where the bride, groom and bridal party will sit. This is your King Arthur's Round Table.
  • Have pewter or silver goblets for the bride and groom to drink from.
  • Iron pillar candle holders make good centerpieces. Encircle the base of each with ivy and myrtle.

Fair Maiden Wedding Favors

  • Ribbon roses were very popular during this period. Make or buy ribbon roses and glue to magnets, small photo frames, napkin rings, etc. to use as favors.
  • Make scented sachets stuffed with rosemary or lavender. Trim sachets with antique lace.
  • Give small velvet pouches filled with chocolate gold coins.

Rainbow Streamer Satin Ribbon Glitter Wands - 36 Inches - Set of 6

"Enchanted Carriage" Favor Boxes (Set of 24)

Royal Coach Design Place Card Holder Favors

A Camelot Wedding Feast Fit For a King and Queen

Keep your menu close to what would have been eaten during the Middle Ages.

  • For meats, choose dishes of roast beef, venison, and/or pork.
  • Root vegetables were the main staples, such as: potatoes, turnips, carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, sweet potatoes, beets and onions.
  • Serve crusty rolls, fresh breads, and a variety of cheeses and fruit (but not exotic fruits like we can buy now).
  • For drinks, go with rich bodied wines, ales, and honeymead. For non-alcoholic drinks, use: dark-colored punch, apple cider, apple juice and grape juice.

Fairytale Wedding Cake Ideas

Here are some pictures of fairy tale wedding cakes that would suit a Camelot theme.

Wedding Cake with Castle TopperPhoto by Tessaxkins Fairy Tale Wedding Theme Cake - CamelotPhoto by: A.M. Kuchling Fairytale Castle CakePhoto by Samdogs
These photos were found on flickr.com under the Creative Commons License for Commercial use.

Entertaining Your Wedding Guests

Many wedding celebrations could go on for days! And during that time, games and tournaments were planned to keep guests entertained. Here are a few things that you could do:

  • Hire local entertainers and musicians to dress the part and entertain your guests as jugglers, jesters, and minstrels.
  • You could also get a couple to dress up like heralders and blow long trumpets to announce the "bride and groom" once the ceremony is completed, call everyone to dinner, signal the first dance, and other special events throughout the wedding.
  • Have a local magician dress up like Merlin and perform magic tricks.

Bouquets and Flowers

Flowers to use in your bouquet would include: wild flowers, forget-me-nots, sweet peas, pansies, violets or orange/apple blossoms.

Herbs were also often used in or as bouquets, such as: mint, sage, thyme, basil, rosemary, and parsley. Add heather, myrtle, and/or laurel as accents in the bouquet.

A bride may also wish to carry a small, white bible, rather than flowers, which was also popular at the time.

Additional Ideas for a Camelot Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

Rent some movies to help you get more ideas on what to do and what attire was worn. Some suggested movies are: First Knight, Camelot, and The Mists of Avalon.

Fairy Tale Wedding Theme: A Marriage In Camelot by Rose Smith
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