Unique Wedding Theme - Fine Art Wedding

Are you looking for a unique wedding theme? How about designing a fine art wedding featuring your favorite famous artists? We've got some great ideas for this theme wedding!

If you're a couple that loves art, museums and other artistic pursuits, or if painting is a hobby that brings you hours of pleasure, then you may want to consider a wedding theme based on "Artists of the World." You can feature either your favorite modern day artists or perhaps take a trip back in history to create a unique celebration around famous artists such as Leonardo De Vinci, Rembrandt, and Claude Monet.

One thing you should do first is decide on what artist(s) you wish to feature with this fine art unique wedding theme.

It could be "everything Monet" or you may want to pick an artist to be represented at each guest table. So for example, if you expect to have 10 guest tables, you would need information on 10 different artists. It would certainly get the guests milling about and talking to each other as they discussed which famous artist is "dining" with them!

Suggestions For Artist-Style Wedding Attire

For this type of wedding, you may want to forego the formal wedding gown and tux. A suitable style of dress would be more along the lines of artsy and/or funky... preferably loose flowing in pastel shades. The groom and groomsmen could opt for pirate type shirts and dark pants, perhaps with a French beret to complete the "artist" look.

Fine Art Wedding Invitations

You can have remarkable fun with the creation of your wedding invitations. Just let your imagination run wild! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create your own artist wedding invitations by using graphics software or a card software program and creating the shape of an artist's pallet. Add various "paint colors" around the pallet and then fade them into the background. Type out your invitation, then print it off on quality stock paper. Cut the invitation out in the shape of the pallet for a truly unique invitation.
  • Instead of regular invitations, use note cards or postcards with reprints of paintings on the front featuring your favorite artist(s).

Choosing a Wedding Location

Just as with a "typical" wedding, you could have your ceremony and/or reception pretty well anywhere. However, here's a unique twist on the artist theme... have your wedding in a museum, art gallery or a painter's studio!

Unique Wedding Theme Decorations For The Artist

Regardless of where your wedding is located, you'll want it to look like an artist studio (all the better if you can find one to rent out). Think paints, colors and canvas in your design. Here are some ideas:

  • For pew markers at your ceremony, cut out small balsa wood or foam board palettes and paint them white. Add in round splotches of paint colors around the edges. Attach a cheap painter's brush across the front. Glue the palette to the front of multi-colored ribbon bows and hang on the pews.
  • Set up an easel and canvas at the entrance door to the reception. Leave colored pens on the easel and have guests sign the canvas instead of a guest book. This would make a wonderful memento for later years if you have it framed for your home.
  • Use small paint cans as centerpieces. You may be able to buy unused paint cans from a paint supply store. Dribble some colored paint down the sides and fill with water and fresh flowers for a quick, yet inexpensive centerpiece.
  • Of course every painter's studio contains finished and unfinished pieces. Set up some easels around the room to feature paintings. If you don't have any paintings that you want to display, you could buy some cheap poster prints and secure them to a solid backing (such as stiff cardboard) for display.
  • Drape a few artist smocks or aprons near the "painting" displays.
  • Cover the tables in white tablecloths then add a muslin fabric topper that you've splattered with various colors of paints.
  • Will there be children at the reception? Sit them at their own table that's covered in a muslin fabric. Either have drawn or stenciled outlines of characters or scenes in front of each place setting. Give the kids fabric markers and keep them occupied coloring in the pictures on the fabric.

Fine Art Wedding Favors

Kate Aspen Ornate Antique Gold Place Card Holder/Photo Frame

"White Baroque" Elegant Place Card Holder/Photo Frame

Mini Paint Can Mint Tin
  • Fill paint cups with colored Smarties for a colorful "artist" treat.
  • Hand out children's watercolor paint sets. Everyone knows some child that could use them.
  • Check out a craft store and look for miniature easels. Set place cards on the easels for seating arrangements and as favors.
  • Fill up small, newly purchased, empty paint cans with colorful candy. Add a "paint label" to the front with your names as the name brand of the paint and a thank you to the guests.
  • Print out post cards with a famous artist painting on one side and trivia about the artist on the back.
  • Get a calendar printed for the new year featuring one artist per month.
  • Present your guests with bookmarks displaying quotes from famous artists.

Additional Unique Wedding Theme Art Ideas

Get the waitstaff in on the art theme by having them dress in painter's smocks. Also, consider using plastic artist paint trays as your serving platters for some of your finger foods.

Unique Wedding Theme - Fine Art Wedding by Rose Smith
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