Going Fishing Theme Wedding

Are you having a fishing theme wedding, but don't know where to start in choosing decorations, favors and working out other important details?

Although you could possibly take all of your wedding guests to your favorite fishing hole to witness your vows, it might be a bit impractical.

Therefore, let's get to work turning this sports themed wedding into a fisherman's paradise.

Wedding Attire

Have the bridesmaids dress in shimmery turquoise colored dresses to symbolize water. An ivory colored flower with turquoise tinted tips placed in their hair would be a nice accent.

The bride and groom should wear what they wish, however if you'd like to add a bit of humor to the wedding, the men "could" wear fishing hats and carry fishing poles, at least for a photo or two!

Fishing Theme Wedding Invitations

This is most likely where you'll have to use your imagination to come up with your own unique wedding invitations, but here are a few creative ideas.

For starters, check a craft store for some very nice fishing themed scrapbook paper. Also purchase good quality stock invitation paper in ivory or turquoise and cut it to the size that you want for your invitation. You could also purchase DIY wedding invitation kits to make the job easier.

Next, cut the fishing designed paper to fit the invitation stock paper and glue them together. Using a printer and vellum paper, print out the wording for your invitation so that it measures about a half inch smaller all around from the scrapbook piece. Carefully glue the vellum onto the scrapbook print backing and voila...you own unique fishing wedding invitation.

One other option is to use beach theme wedding invitations that feature boats and water.

Fishing Wedding Theme Decorations

The decorations that you choose should be related to fishing in some way - nets, fishing poles, buckets, canoes, fishing boats, lighthouses, and other such decor.

  • Starting with the obvious, use fish netting to hang on the walls and to drape along the front of food tables and across doorways.
  • Have a large fish ice sculpture done for the main serving table as a focal point. You may be able to purchase a mold and do this yourself as well.
  • Fill balloons with helium and tie 5 to 7 together for large balloon bouquets. Try to find balloons that have fish on them. If you can't find this, you could buy fish stickers and add them to the balloons. Secure the balloons to a wrapped brick and place near doorways and other focal points.
  • Don't forget to place some fishing poles here and there for extra emphasis on this theme.
  • Add two to three alternating layers of colored sand to the bottom of a fish bowl. Insert a pillar candle in the center and add a couple of inches of colored water. Add a few aquarium plants to the bowl.
  • Scatter fish shaped confetti on the tables.

Catch of the Day Favors

You'll want to thank your wedding guests for participating in your big fishing day celebration. These wedding favors are a nice touch.

  • Buy small plain tin boxes (preferably with no labels on them) and paint the tins a pale to medium green with enamel spray paint (do this in a well ventilated area). Once dry, stick some children's fish stickers here and there on the tin. Fill up with gummy worms and present your wedding guests with their own "tackle" box wedding favors.
  • You can buy blank bookmarks and create a fishing trivia bookmark for your guests. With your computer, use a small photo of a fish watermarked for the background and type out some fishing facts or a short catchy verse about fishing. Print out.
  • Pick up packs of "Go Fish" playing cards and wrap in netting or fish theme wrapping paper.
  • Make your own fish shaped soaps or chocolates.
  • Create a cookbook of your favorite fish recipes. Add some tips about cooking with fish too.

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