Great Holiday Theme Wedding Ideas

With so many different types of holidays throughout the year, holiday theme wedding ideas that will spark lots of possibilities for your upcoming nuptials.

Basing your theme on a particular holiday makes it much easier to select the types of decorations, flowers, favors, and overall scheme colors that you'll be using.

First, let's start with the more popular, well-known holidays and the dates of when they occur (for Canada and the United States):

  • Valentine's Day (February 14th)
  • St. Patrick's Day (March 17th)
  • Easter (varies between March and April)
  • Mother's Day (2nd Sunday in May - date varies in other parts of the world)
  • Father's Day (3rd Sunday in June - date varies in other parts of the world)
  • Canada Day (July 1st)
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Labor/Labour Day (1st Monday in September)
  • Canadian Thanksgiving (date varies in October)
  • Halloween (October 31st)
  • Veterans (US) or Remembrance (Canada) Day (November 11th)
  • American Thanksgiving (date varies in November)
  • Christmas (December 25th)
  • New Years Eve (December 31st)
  • New Years Day (January 1st)

If you plan a wedding on any of the above dates, please be aware that vendor prices, and location fees will most often cost a lot more than if your wedding is held on any other day.

Also, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and New Years are extremely popular for holiday weddings, so you need to book all vendor services and locations far, far in advance.

Other Holiday Theme Wedding Ideas

Now, although the above holidays are quite popular for getting married, there are several others that you may not have considered. These also lend themselves to wonderful theme wedding ideas and suggestions.

Chinese New Year

Since it is based on the lunar calendar, the date varies from late January to late February and lasts for 15 days. Plenty of opportunity to hold a wedding during this two week period.

Mardis Gras

This is a carnival held in various cities, the most famous of which is New Orleans. The term "Mardis Gras" means "Fat Tuesday" in French and is the day before Ash Wednesday. It is also called Shrove Tuesday and Pancake Day. The date is dependant on the date of Easter, and so can vary from February 3 to March 9.

Ground Hog Day

This falls on February 2nd and we all look to Prediction (a famous groundhog) from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, who will tell us whether we will have 6 more weeks of winter or if spring will come early, depending on whether he sees his shadow or not.

April Fool's Day

Every April 1st, people throughout the country play tricks on family members, fellow co-workers, and good friends. This would be a great day for a "Magic Tricks" wedding theme.

Earth Day

This falls on April 22nd and is a wonderful choice for environmentalists and others who are considering a go-green wedding theme.

Cinco de Mayo

This is a celebration of Mexican culture by Mexican-Americans living in the United States (rather than by the people of Mexico). It falls on May 5th and should not be confused with the Mexican Independence Day, which is September 16th. It's a great choice for anyone planning a Mexican wedding theme.


This is a 7 day celebration honoring African-American heritage and was created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Ron Karenga. It runs from December 26 through January 1.

This is by no means a complete list of holidays that are celebrated - that would take pages to write out. However, the above lists should give you some additional holiday theme wedding ideas that you could focus on.