Fairy Theme Wedding

A Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding

Recreate one of Shakespeare's famous plays for a fairy theme wedding. A Midsummer Night's Dream is romantic, whimsical and perfect for any fairy tale wedding idea.

For this romantic wedding, choose colors like deep plums, creams, muted greens and blues, pastels, silver and gold accents.

Wedding Attire Suggestions

Lovely wedding dress for a fairy theme wedding - Photo: Morguefile.com

As the bride, choose a floor length flowing fairy wedding dress with perhaps a long, delicate train. Keep it simple and breezy - think chiffon rather than heavy satin. Choose a silver tiara for a headpiece or a flowered head wreath with trails of thin ribbons hanging down the back. Carry a bouquet of bell-shaped flowers.

Select a style that is reminiscent of 16th century attendants gowns or chiffon dresses in pastel colors for your bridesmaids. Suggest having their hair worn down and entwine ribbons throughout. Add gold or silver hair glitter for a bit of sparkle. Ballerina style slippers would be more appropriate instead of regular shoes and chiffon wraps for chill evenings would work well too. They could carry fairy wands or scepters instead of a bridesmaid bouquet.

The groom and his groomsmen should wear suits that would "blend in with a forest setting" such as deep green or brown suits. Add a fairy pin as a boutonniere.

Fairy Theme Wedding Invitations

Ideally, if you could find invitations with images of fairies or a fairy woodland setting. Alternatively, a soft garden background would work. You could then add fairy rub-ons or beautiful stickers found at scrapbook stores. Add some "fairy dust" to your invitations by using golden toned glitter glue along the edges.

Decorations For A Fairy Theme Wedding Setting

Fairy Theme Wedding Decorations

Think of a whimsical forest setting when deciding on the decorations for your Midsummer Night's Dream wedding. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate into your decorating scheme:

  • At the ceremony and the reception locations, arrange fake trees at the entrance and in strategic places around location. Have the pots wrapped in gold foil paper (or pastel tissue paper) and string small white lights throughout the branches. Hide some fairy's in among the branches too!
  • Swag pastel colored tulle around tables and along walls. Use small twinkling lights behind the tulle for added affect.
  • Use green leafy vines to wrap poles and decorate doorways. Lay the vines down along your food tables, intertwining it among your plates and platters.

Table Decor and Centerpieces

  • Decorate pastel colored pillar candles with fairy stickers. Add gold or silver ribbon around base and tie in a bow. Place on a candle holder that's been decorated with moss and forest flowers (and maybe a fairy figurine or two).
  • Cover the tables with white tablecloths. Add a pastel colored topper. Sprinkle with fairy dust or silver and gold confetti.
  • Fill silver bowls with water and float lily pads or rose petals on top, along with floating flower candles.

Ideas For Fairy Theme Wedding Favors

  • Create miniature scrolls with Shakespearean quotes from Midsummer Night's Dream. Roll the scrolls up and tie with shimmering ribbons in your wedding colors.
  • Sew up silk or satin potpourri sachets filled with rose or herb scents.
  • Present your guests with fairy wands and instructions on how to create their own magic.

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Choosing Your Flowers & Greenery

Fairies and bell-shaped flowers just seem to go together. Floral choices that would be good for this particular theme are: Russian Chapel Bells, Single Snowdrops (Enkianthus), Campanula (Bellflower), Saxifrage, Delphinium, Daylily, Orchid, Calla Lily, and Iris.

Entertainment During Dinner

Hire musicians that can play the harp, flutes, lyre, panpipes, and other instruments that were used in Shakespeare's era while eating dinner and before the wedding speeches and toasts begin.

Other Suggestions

Watch the following movies for more ideas that you could incorporate into this fairy tale theme wedding. The following DVD's are available from Amazon.com. You can also watch them instantly through Amazon Instant Video.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)

Fairy Tale - A True Story (1997)

The Secret Garden (1997)