Ocean Wedding Theme: Under The Sea Nuptials

This ocean wedding theme features a fascinating variety of sea life and colors turning your wedding celebration into a beautiful exploration of an underwater world.

Ocean Wedding Theme Colors

Ocean Wedding Theme Ideas

Start with a base color such as a deep-sea blue, light emerald green, or a medium blue. From there, you can combine any other sort of color for accents.

For example, use a colorful fish to get some ideas or perhaps check out what colors are found on coral reefs.

However, be sure to stick to only a couple of accent variations. Too many choices can make your wedding color scheme look gaudy.

Under The Sea Wedding Invitations

For this theme, your invitations should reflect ocean sea life. The beautiful colors of the huge variety of ocean fish, the coral reefs, and other sea creatures can be breathtaking, so incorporate them into your wedding stationary and decorations.

We also have some lovely beach wedding quotes, short poems and sayings to use with your stationary and favor tags.

Here are some beautiful ocean related invitations that would be perfect for this theme. These invites are available for purchase through Zazzle and can be customized as desired:

Beach Destination Wedding Invitation invitation
Beach Destination Wedding Invitation
$1.80 each
Starfish Beach Wedding Invitations invitation
Starfish Beach Wedding Invitations
$2.40 each
Beach theme wedding - elegant party invitation
Elegant Beach Wedding Invite
$1.95 each
Tropical Fish Wedding Invitation invitation
Tropical Fish Wedding Invitation
$1.70 each

Wedding Guest Ice Breaker Suggestion

An interesting idea to use as an ice-breaker at guest tables is to research facts about the major oceans and seas.

Print various facts about each body of water onto separate postcard size heavy stock paper. Make enough copies of each fact card for each guest table, so that every table has the same number of cards and fact sheets.

You may also wish to add a photo of each body of water to one side of the card. Then fan out the cards and place on each table. It's a unique way to get some discussions going between wedding guests so that they don't feel so awkward sitting with people they may not know.

An Ocean of Decorations

  • If you plan on using balloons to help with the decorations, stick with ocean colors (light to dark blues, blue-greens, etc.) Think of using some foil Mylar balloons in the shapes of whales, dolphins and colorful fish for accents.
  • Cover your guest tables in a sea-blue shade and sprinkle tropical fish confetti on the table tops around your centerpieces.
  • Spread some sand in a low, shallow clear plate. Add some plastic/rubber sea creatures (you can usually find these in novelty gift stores), along with some sea shells, and nestle a pillar candle (or three) in the middle.
  • Get the front of your serving tables draped in a blue cloth or skirting. Attach colorful paper fish cutouts to the front of the cloth using fishing line (so it's invisible) at different heights to create an "ocean" of fish.

  • Create your own ocean wedding theme card box. Buy a large box with a lid and cover it with an ocean scene wallpaper, fabric or wrapping paper. Cut a large slot in the top of the lid. Secure and decorate the box with a large wrap-around ribbon and bow in a pastel green or blue.
  • Use foil curling ribbon in ocean colors to dress up balloon ties, table centerpieces and other decorations.

  • 10x 9 TAN Fish Fishing Net Netting

    Pink Sea Urchins - 5 pcs.

    Fish Confetti 3/4 Oz Pkg
  • Hang fish netting along walls.
  • Place tulle fabric along the front of serving tables and secure starfish cutouts randomly throughout the netting. For an ocean scene, cut wavy seaweed strips from green foil cellophane and secure along the bottom of the netting. Add some cut out photocopied prints of fish and add to the tulle.
  • When choosing flowers for your under the sea theme wedding, use blue, white and green florals with accents of yellow and orange to echo the sea colors. Some beautiful blue flower suggestions are:

      o Forget-be-nots
      o Nikko Blue Hydrangea
      o Blue Balloonflower
      o Blue Chip Campanula
      o Blue Fringed Daisy
      o Delphinium
      o Morning Glory
      o Hibiscus
      o Tulips
      o Bachelor Button

  • Reflect the ocean with candles. Place a mirror (you can use blue or silver foil paper as well) in the center of guest tables. Fill a clear bowl with blue tinted water and float white candles on the surface. Add additional glass votives around the bowl along with a scattering of seashells for an elegant, yet low-cost centerpiece.

Fishing For Favors

  • If you're planning on having arranged seating at your reception, use starfish or dolphin place card holders to hold your name cards and as a beautiful thank-you souvenir.
  • Let your guests take part of the ocean home with them with beautiful ocean candle gel favors. You can easily make your own or purchase them online.
  • Tie some curling ribbon around an ocean-themed cookie cutter. Attach the cutter to a decorated recipe card with your favorite cookie recipe written on it.
  • Sew up small pouches using an under-the-sea fabric print. Insert a small cellophane bag. Fill with sea creature shaped bath beads, foil covered chocolates or candies.
  • Insert a picture of yourselves or a short beach wedding quote or poem about the ocean using a tropical fish frame and place at each plate setting.
  • Buy or make your guests wedding bookmarks highlighting the ocean seas. These are great beach themed wedding favors.
  • Put together a small booklet of your favorite seafood recipes. Wrap the book in ocean printed paper and decorate the outside with a raffia bow.

20 Swirled Chocolate Starfish in Gift Bags

4" Starfish Cookie Cutter

Oceans Of Love Kissing Dolphins Bottle Stopper

Ocean Wedding Cake Ideas

Here are a couple of pictures that I found of beautifully decorated ocean wedding cakes. I hope they provide some inspiration in designing your own cake.

Ocean Wedding Cake with Coral, Seashells, Seahorses Starfish and Shells Ocean Wedding Theme Cake

Did You Know?

In Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the seas and all water. In Etruscan and Roman mythology, Poseidon was known as Nethuns and Neptunus, respectively. Today, we commonly refer to him as Neptune.

His kingdom lies within the oceans, lakes and rivers of the world, which he populated with creatures of his own design. Neptune rides the waves in a chariot pulled by dolphins and carries a three-pronged fish spear.

Beach Themed Wedding Favors