Snowflake Wedding Theme

Cool and frosty, a snowflake wedding theme can transform any wedding venue into a magical winter wonderland.

There's just so much you can do with snow and snowflakes when it comes to decorating this great winter wedding theme. Have a look at some of the super ideas that follow.

Snowflake Wedding Decorations

No two snowflakes are a like, so you should keep this in mind when choosing your decorations. Keep it interesting by selecting a variety of sizes and shapes when using purchased (or homemade) snowflakes. That's not to say every single decoration should be different! But do choose 3 or 4 different snowflake shapes to highlight your decor.

  • The first place where your snowflake wedding theme should be incorporated is at the ceremony. Select white or blue ribbons that feature a snowflake design and use these to create beautiful pew bows. You could then add a glitter snowflake to the center of each bow or attach three glitter snowflakes to hang down from the back of the bow.
  • Another, inexpensive wedding pew idea is to use white tulle to create your bows allowing for long hanging tulle tails. Attach a few lengths of white satin ribbons with snowflake designs to the center and allow them to hang down in front of the tulle. Finish off with a glittering snowflake attached to the center of the bow.
  • Hang various sizes of cutout snowflakes from the ceiling in the reception area for a "snowfall" affect.
  • Additionally, swag the front of tables with white tulle sprinkled with glittering snowflake confetti. At the top of each swag, add large ribbon bows with snowflakes decorating each ribbon.
  • Cover reception chairs in white chair covers. Use ice blue, silver or gold chair sashes and attach a snowflake embellishment to the back of each bow. Want something a little different? Instead of a sash bow, secure a snowflake decorated wide ribbon sash around the chair back (no bow) then hang 3 to 5 snowflake decorations along the back (secure the line or ribbon holding the snowflakes to the back of the chair cover under the ribbon sash.)

Snowflake Wedding Centerpieces

The reception guest tables are one of the main focal points when it comes to snowflake wedding theme decorations. Take a look at some of these suggestions for adding pizzazz and sparkle to your table decor.

  • Use snowflake candle holders with tea light candles to decorate your tables. Set several of these frosted holders around a central centerpiece; use them to light up your guest book table; and/or use these candle holders to create an enticing glow around your wedding cake.
  • Take some simple, small white tree branches (paint regular branches white) and place them in clear glass vases filled with white crystal gel beads. Hang sparkling snowflakes from the branches for a stylish table centerpiece.
  • Sprinkle your tables with snowflake confetti.
  • Using clear glasses, vases or candle holders (of varying heights), insert white pillar candles. Cut white strips of paper to circle around the outside of the holders. Punch or cut out snowflake designs (of varying sizes and shapes) here and there on the paper. Secure the paper around the holder. When you light the candles, the light will shine through the snowflake openings and create a soft glow through the paper. Arrange 3 or more candles in the center of each table. Use additional candles on your guest book table, food tables and other spots throughout the room.
  • If you are using winter flower arrangements for your centerpieces, inserting snowflake picks throughout the arrangements adds a nice wintry touch.
  • Decorate white, galvanized pails with frosted snowflake decals and wrap the handles in white ribbon. Fill each with white crystal gel beads and place tea lights in glass holders nestled with the "snow." Alternatively, create centerpiece arrangements using white flowers and white glittering snowflake picks. (Note: The pail can also be used as a flower girl's basket.)

Snowflake Wedding Favors

Of course, your snowflake wedding theme wouldn't be complete without corresponding bridal favors. This is a great opportunity to use your favors as part of the wedding decor too. Check out these ideas:

  • Tie white and blue peppermint candy canes together with white ribbon. Attach a small white snowflake to the ribbon.
  • Press white glitter snowflake stickers onto each side of an ice blue favor box.
  • Create your own wedding bookmarkers. Use a blue snowflake graphic at the top of the bookmark, add a poem related to snow and print out. Punch a hole in the top and add a thin white rope tassel.

Snowflake Wedding Cakes and Cake Toppers

There are many beautiful ways to decorate a snowflake wedding cake. From delicate sugar creations to lightly dusted stenciled designs, each winter wedding cake can be as unique as you are.

One thing to watch for is to be sure that any snowflake designs used on your cake come in varying sizes and shapes. Larger tiers require larger snowflakes, while the top tier (and therefore the smallest one) should have flakes that are in proportion to its size.

Here are some fabulous suggestions on making your snowflake wedding theme cake unique:

    Winter Wonderland Cake Topper

  • Have your wedding cake "frosted" with a shredded coconut frosting to give it a snowy affect. Tip: Use a white frosted slab cake to serve to guests as many people don't like the taste of coconut.
  • Stencil white snowflakes on ice blue fondant for a softly falling snow effect.
  • Add different size snowflakes molded from marzipan, sugar paste, or royal icing to the sides of each layer, which creates a wonderful 3d effect.
  • If you choose to go with a cupcake wedding cake, have the icing sprinkled with snowflake shaped sprinkles.
  • Starting with a white cake, have sheer or solid snowflake detailed ribbon encircling the bottom portion of each cake tier. This can reduce costs, since creating delicate snowflakes of any sort, can be quite labor intensive and therefore, fairly expensive.