Terrific Tulip Wedding Theme

As spring bursts forth, so do the multitude of colorful tulips. This tulip wedding theme is a refreshing spring wedding idea that acknowledges the multitude of spring wedding colors and reflects on the joy of two lives beginning anew as one.

The Meaning of Tulips: Declaration of true love.

Wedding Colors To Use

Tulip Wedding Theme

Tulips come in a multitude of colors - white, red, pink, yellow, orange - pretty much all colors except a true blue.

You can also find ones that are variegated, such as Rembrandt tulips and parrot tulips (these have ruffled petals - very pretty).

The choice of colors to use will be your own preference. You can choose to go with the colors in a variegated tulip, or match up two or more colors together. Also sticking with only one shade would look very nice too. Don't forget that you can use the green of the stems and leaves as an accent color.

Spring Tulip Wedding Invitations

Those of you who are creative and willing to make your own invitations could print a beautiful tulip on the outside of a blank invitation card, print your wording on the inside, then lightly glue the top edge of a piece of pastel colored velum paper to the inside over the wording as a special touch.

The following invitations are available from Zazzle.com and are fully customizable to whatever text you wish to use on your invitations. Order as many as required, as they're all individually priced. Click on the link to check prices and customize your invitation.

Tulip Chrome Wedding Invitation
Tulip Chrome Wedding Invitation
Pink Tulip Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation
Pink Tulip Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation
Tulips Rose Border Wedding Invitation
Tulips Rose Border Wedding Invitation

Spring Wedding Bouquet of Tulips

Your wedding bouquet can be made up of only one color of tulips... or all colors. Have a look at these delightful spring wedding bouquets:

Tulip Wedding Theme - A Bouquet of Tulips by Griff 'n Chuck, Flickr.com Spring Wedding Bouquet of Tulips
Bridal Bouquet of Yellow Tulips Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Decorations For The Ceremony and Reception

  • When planning out your decorations, it may be best to start off with white and a medium green as your main colors. Add accents in soft reds, bright yellows and spring-colored oranges.

    For example, the tables at your reception will most likely be covered in white tablecloths (that's pretty standard and is the most cost effective). Add a green table topper to each of the guest tables or sprinkle green confetti on top. Additional decorations and centerpieces centered around tulips will complete the color scheme.
  • Spring Wedding Centerpiece - Tulips
  • Use twists of white and medium green crepe paper to decorate doorways, the front of food tables, cake table, head table, and gift table. Secure the swags with raffia ribbon bows in pastel tulip colors.
  • Make pew marker bows from white and green chiffon ribbon. Create a miniature flower bouquet of 2 to 3 real or silk tulips and attach them to the front of each bow.
  • Centerpieces for your tables are quiet easy and inexpensive. Place a bouquet of tulips in large clear vases at each table. Tie a raffia ribbon and bow around each vase.
  • You can also pick up tulip potted plants from a local garden shop. Most often the green plastic pots are wrapped in pink or other pastel paper, so can be placed on the tables as is. Give a pot to each of your attendants as a thank you after the reception.
  • Decorate your chairs with pastel colored satin or organza chair sashes. Add a silk tulip to the center of each bow.

Tulip Wedding Theme Favors

  • Try your hand at painting inexpensive wine glasses using a tulip flower stencil and glass paints. This makes a very lovely personalized wedding favor.
  • Make or buy tulip shaped soap and package in in spring-theme boxes.
  • Give your guests tulip shaped floating candles placed in a small clear glass bowl or ceramic dish and wrapped in cellophane.

Tulip Flower Large Glycerin Soap

Sheer Organza Drawstring Favor Bag - Yellow with Gold Tulips

Tulip Bouquet Semi Solid Milk Chocolate (1/2 Doz)