Wedding Decorating Ideas

Creative & Unique Wedding Decorations

Looking beyond the typical wedding decorating ideas of flowers and balloons can turn a nice looking venue into something truly impressive.

Wedding Decorating Ideas - Balloon Heart

But this takes a bit of creativity and an eye for spotting unusual items that could be used in your decor. Keep in mind that what you choose to use as your decorations should reflect your theme, the style of the location, and the mood that you wish to create.

Where possible, continue the theme of your decorations from your ceremony location to the reception area. You don't want a sudden sharp contrast between the two, as it breaks the style of your overall decorating scheme.

For most people, the beautiful decor featured at the reception is of prime importance and makes your wedding day feel extra special. Little touches can go a long way in providing a memorable atmosphere.

Here are a few wedding decorating ideas that are sure to add extra charm at your reception:

  • Most locations will cover the tables with traditional white tablecloths. If possible, see if you can add colored table toppers, or alternatively, use sheer or lace toppers. These will add elegance to any table.
  • Use arrangements of candles on guest and side tables throughout the room. When the lights are turned low for dancing, candles provide a soft illumination that is romantic. Votives and tealights are fine to use throughout dinner, but when it comes time for the after dinner entertainment, be sure to use long tapers or large pillar candles, as you want the candles to burn for several hours.
  • If your reception is being held in the evening and you know that it will be dusk or dark out when guests arrive, welcome them with a luminary lined walkway. You can buy or make these yourself using paper bags or tin cans with designs cut or punched along the sides. Fill them halfway with sand and inserting a glass votive candle inside.

These are just a few tips that will add sparkle and elegance to any wedding decorating ideas that you may be considering.

The easiest way to choose decorations is to work with a theme of some sort, whether it's a lovely wedding color scheme, your favorite flowers, a season of the year, or some specific theme based on a hobby or special interest. Themes will provide you with ample ideas for all sorts of wedding decor that you can use.

Below are links to several articles that should give you some inspiration on coming up with imaginative and creative ideas of your own, so that your wedding day will be a beautiful and spectacular visual feast for everyone who attends.

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