Best Ideas For a Western Wedding Theme

Best Ideas for Western Wedding Themes

It's time to saddle up and get down to the business of planning your country and western wedding theme.

Wildflowers, square dancers, horses, cowboy hats and boots... these are just some of the western theme wedding ideas that can be woven into your personal marriage celebration.

Take a gander through the following articles for inspiration on western wedding invitations, decorations, flower suggestions, and more.

Get Help On Planning Western Style Weddings

Location Ideas On Where To Hold Western Style Weddings
Western style weddings present their own challenge in finding a suitable location for both the ceremony and the reception. Here are 12 places that are perfect matches.

Fabulous Western Style Wedding Invitations
Round up your guests with these charming country and western wedding invitation designs.

Western Wedding Decorations: Old West Decor For Your Ceremony and Reception
Jazz up your ceremony and reception while setting the theme of your marriage celebration with these western wedding decorations and ideas.

Western Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings
Confused about which western wedding flowers you should select? This flower list, with their associated meanings, should help you somewhat with your decision.

Country and Western Wedding Centerpieces
Create attractive country and western centerpieces for your reception tables that range from simple and elegant to fun and humorous.

Western Style Wedding Dresses
Western wedding dresses are different from the average selection of bridal gowns. Here are a few design points to keep in mind when selecting your attire and accessories.

Western Wedding Ideas For Your Ceremony
Add some old west touches to the spirit of the day with these great western wedding ideas. A little fun and excitement always makes for a memorable celebration!

Western Wedding Accessories & Attire For Men
It's time to outfit the cowboys in your wedding party. Here are some suggestions for western wedding wear for the lucky groom and his posse.

Great Ideas for a Western Wedding Cake Topper
Finding just the right western wedding cake topper will add that perfect finishing touch to your wedding. Have a look at the fabulous western wedding toppers featured here.

Fabulous Country and Western Theme Wedding Favors
Send a little of the wild west home with your guests with these great western theme wedding favors.