Winter Wedding Flowers

Beautiful Flowers For Winter Weddings

Are you searching for some ideas on what types of winter wedding flowers you could use in your bridal bouquets and decor? Just knowing what flowers are most easily attainable during the cold months can bring out a wealth of floral arrangement ideas.

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For example, consider an elegant, yet simple bouquet of pure white roses accented with red. How about dipping the tips of a bouquet of carnations in gold for a dazzling centerpiece?

Although only a small percentage of weddings are held during the winter months, this time of year can present some lovely ideas for bouquets and centerpieces when it comes to winter wedding flowers.

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Flower Suggestions "In Season"

To keep costs down, try to stick with flowers that are available in winter. Most come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you're sure to find something that works with your themed winter wedding idea.

Choices For Winter Wedding Flowers:

    Winter Wedding Flowers - Lilies
    Roses - Red, White, Black Beauty, Black Magic
    Lilies - Stargazer, Casablanca, Cala, Alstromeria (mini)
    Daisies - Gerbera
    Snowball Mums
    Poinsettias - White and Red

Fabulous Accents to Use

Dress up your bouquets and centerpieces with complimentary accents such as:

    Pine Cones
    Holly Leaves
    Berries - Holly or other types
    Evergreen Branches
    Pine Cones
    Ivy Leaves
    Baby's Breath
    Wheat Stems
    Pumpkin or Squash Gourds
    Fir Branches
    Christmas Ornament Balls

Choosing Your Winter Flower Colors

White and Red Roses With Green Ribbon Accent

Be careful when choosing white, red, or green flowers and leaves/accessories. Take a small swatch of fabric of your wedding gown and of the bridesmaid's dresses to the florist.

As with all colors, these three come in varying shades and you'll want to get your flowers and leaves to match or at least compliment your attire.

Whites come in shades ranging from brilliant pure white to ivory. And as we all know, reds can be hard to match up.

Winter Wedding Centerpiece and Bouquet Ideas

Dress up your tables with beautiful centerpieces with winter wedding flowers such as the following:

  • Roses, pionese, pine cones and ornaments set into a bed of evergreen leaves.
  • Red poinsettias mixed with white tulips or roses.
  • Red roses mixed with white lilies.
  • Calla lilies with clusters of purple/blue berries.
  • Gardenias, holly berries and ivy.
  • Hydrangeas and pomegranate with trailing ribbons.
  • Gardenias, red berries, white rose buds with green ivy.
  • White roses, white hydrangeas, white sweet peas, white ribbon and tulle.
  • Purple hydrangeas, pink or white roses and purple/pink lilacs.
  • Red rose buds, pine cones with pine leaves and red ribbon.

Flower Meanings

Various meanings have been associated with all types of flowers over the centuries. A white rose doesn't have the same meaning as a red rose, so colors are also an important part in learning the meaning of a certain type of flower.

To read more about the meaning of flowers, check out our article on Flower Meanings.